Snapshot of free logo generation tool build by Shopify after acquiring GoSpaces.

Go spaces logo maker

GoSpaces free logo generator provides great tools to generate impressive logos for your startups and business needs without hiring a designer. Free type: Absolutely free.

A logo is considered essential and certainly the most important component of branding for any startup or business. Businesses or startups in the early stages are usually short of money and they need free logo generators to meet their logo generation and branding needs. GoSpaces logo generator provides free logo generation tools to develop impressive logos for free.

GoSpaces got acquited by Shopify and Go Spaces logo generation tool is now being replaced with Shopify logo generation tool which is equally great to meet the logo generation needs of startup or small business at no cost.

To use Go Spaces or Shopify logo generator, you don't need a professional designer. Rather, anyone can use intuitively to develop great logos.

Apart from this logo generation tool, startups can use Logaster for logo designing.

Go Spaces (Now Hachful) is absolutely free to use but signup is required.