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Why Freenio is a great resource for your startup?

Entrepreneurs can built and boost the growth of their startups with hundreds of great tools and resources available for them. Ignorance of these resources not an excuse anymore!!!

According to statistics, around 80% of startup rely on their own funds to finance their startups. Moreover, according to the research conducted by CBI Insight, second most important reason behind the failure of startup is that they “Ran out of cash”.
I’ve been working with entrepreneur and helping them in building their startups from idea generation to revenue stage. Most of them are looking for the free tools and resources which can help them in initial stage of their startup development.

Why not Google these tools? Some entrepreneurs think that they can get this information by simply Googling it instead of visiting the directory but believe me it’s not that easy. You will get those product on google search which are either spending hefty amounts on Ads or have great SEO strategy. In either case, its highly likely that you miss out the important free tools because they can’t afford to have paid advertisements or great SEO.

I’ve been collecting all these tools and resources in the past 3+ years and posted on Freenio for you to explore and avail benefits.

Explore, avail and grow your startup but don’t forget to share your love with your startups community!!!